Giovanni Turrà


Specialized in the production of watermelon and fennel.


is Life

"No race can prosper until it learns that there is as much dignity in cultivating a field that in composing a poem." B. T. Washington

Our Land

Our future

The farm Turrà is an award-certified.


All Company Agricola Turrà's products are safe and traceable.


We are specialized in the production of watermelon and fennel, with full respect for nature and the environment.


Certificazione Global Gap: produzioni sicure per il consumatore, tracciabilità, rispetto dell’ambiente, salvaguardia della salute dei lavoratori.

Presenza sul Mercato

We are present not only in the domestic market, also in international markets, particularly Germany, France, and Czech Republic.

Farm since 2006

The sole director John Turrà, for decades in agriculture, by the merchants before and then as producer, led the Farm to extraordinary results, until it becomes one of the most important farms in the area.

partner & Supporter


Each year the company conducts funds for 150 hectares in the provinces of Crotone and Catanzaro in Calabria and another 150 hectares in collaboration with the farm Lella in Puglia.

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The company has felt the need to adopt a system of quality control and traceability among the most advanced. The products are subjected to continuous controls merchandise, using laboratory analysis of the most reliable.