Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) Is a Mediterranean herbaceous plant of the family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae).
Known since antiquity for its aromatic properties, its horticultural cultivation seems to date back to 1500.

They distinguish the varieties of wild fennel from the production horticultural varieties (sweet).
The wild fennel is a wild plant, perennial, from branched stem, up to 2 m high. It has leaves that resemble hay (hence the name foeniculum), green color and produces umbels of small yellow summer flowers. Follow the fruits (achenes), first green and then grayish. Wild fennel using the buds, leaves, flowers and fruits (improperly called "seeds").
The cultivated fennel (or sweet) is an annual or biennial plant with tap root. It reaches 60-80 cm in height. It consumes large sheath of white grumolo that develops at the base.

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Different sizes available on request:

  • Wooden crate 30x50x12 cm
    • from 12 to 20 units for cash (net cash weight 5 kg)
  • Wooden crate 30x40x12 cm
    • from 6 to 12 units for cash (net cash weight 3 kg)
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