Tiziano Fennel

Cycle: 110-120 days from transplant.
Very adaptable plant all production periods autumn-winter. Foliage low, airy and very resistant to adverse conditions (cold, moisture, rot, etc.). Excellent behavior to cold weather warm. round shape with blossom scar (basal root) very small even when ripe (high resistance to cracking and field held). Very turgid, crisp and white at a young stage, this allows you to choose when to harvest (before full maturity with a weight of 500g worked or wait and collect with an average weight of more than 600g) and in all cases with the highest quality. Exceptional crispness and flavor that are preserved well and for a long time after harvest.



  • Aurelio
  • Caronte
  • Idillio
  • Tiziano
  • Pompeo

Different sizes available on request:

  • Wooden crate 30x50x12 cm
    • from 12 to 20 units for cash (net cash weight 5 kg)
  • Wooden crate 30x40x12 cm
    • from 6 to 12 units for cash (net cash weight 3 kg)
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